Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Osmo Numbers!

So ... let's be honest ... Ann and I were almost late for our KILT group today because we could NOT STOP playing the new Osmo game, Numbers.

This game is really cool, with many different levels of play that includes basic counting, addition, multiplication and order of operations (we don't know if it goes any further ... one of us finally remembered we needed to prep for our afternoon KILT kids, LOL)!  It's a terrific way to incorporate both technology and tactile learning.  In order to use Numbers, you would first need the Osmo starter kit.  If you already have this kit, you can order the Numbers game for $29.99.  If you don't have an Osmo at all, you can order the Osmo genius kit (which includes the new Numbers game) for $99.99.

Osmo also has a cool feature on their website where teachers can access curriculum and lesson ideas (by grade level) that has been submitted by other teachers.  Click the image below to visit that page.

There are other cool Osmo games that include Tangrams, Newton, Words & Masterpiece.  If you have never used or seen an Osmo and would like to try it, let me know!  I'd love to come into your classroom and show this cool tool to your kids!  Remember, you can book me at tracipiltz.youcanbook.me

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