Friday, October 2, 2015

Awesome things happening in BPS classrooms!

Here are some awesome ideas I saw in classrooms this week!

In a 2nd grade classroom, we used Popplet on iPads to create Popplets about their roles in their homes, community and school. The kids worked so hard and made some awesome projects! Here is an example:

In Mrs. Niemeyer's first grade, she used the app Scribble Press to have kids make a "10 Apples a up on Top" counting book. She modeled, using Reflector to project her iPad for the students to see. The students took selfies and used the apple sticker and typing tool in Scribble Press to make their books. SOOOO cool!

And in Mrs. Bishop's kindergarten, I was able to help her and her students use the Stop Motion app to create their own stop motion animation counting videos using number cards and tiles. They worked in pairs and did awesome!! Here are some examples:

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