Thursday, June 4, 2015

Catapult Challenge part 2

After watching the YouTube video posted below, we built our catapults and predicted what items would "fly" further.  We launched marshmallows, pennies, pom poms, pretzels, Goldfish crackers and small plastic cubes.  The kids all discovered that the pennies flew furthest, and concluded it was because pennies were heaviest. This was a fun activity and a great way to finish up our Project Lead the Way unit about pushes and pulls.

The kids' Launch Logs were sent home this week.  The end of the Launch Log features an area where they can write in detail about the Design Process steps, as related to a creation (like the catapults).  I knew we wouldn't have time to do this writing after building our catapults, but if you are looking for a writing project to kick off the summer, this would be fun!  Have your kindergartner write in her Launch Log about designing and building her catapult.

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