Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Week of October 22nd-26th

Letters of the Week: O-T Words of the Week: and, we, she, he Reading Focus: We are reading Spinning a Web by Melvin Berger and lots of fiction and non-fiction stories about spiders and bats. We are also reading stories about the five senses. Comprehension Focus: We are learning to make inferences and identify the difference between fantasy and realism in stories we read.  We are comparing and contrasting information we learn in stories. Writing Focus: We will practice forming letters correctly, using the D'Nealian style of writing. We are writing facts we learn about spiders, and writing our own "Itsy Bitsy Spider" stories.  Math Focus: We are learning basic counting and number identification skills with numbers through 10.
Science: In kindergarten, science is often integrated into our English Language Arts curriculum. For the next couple of weeks, we are studying bats and spiders.  Social Studies: This month we are learning about making new friends and what makes us special.Theme Question: How do I use my five senses?

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