Monday, March 13, 2017

Earn OPI Renewal Units for Attending Seesaw PD in Your PJs

Starting March 28th, Billings Public Schools teachers can earn OPI renewal units for participating in Seesaw's awesome PD in Your PJs sessions! You'll need to sign up and participate in at least TWO of the PD in Your PJs trainings (they need to be at least 45 minutes long, the "sprint" sessions won't work for this). Then, sign up for the BPS PD in Your PJs course at After you've completed your Seesaw webinars, you'll complete a reflection form, apply something you learned in your classroom, and provide certificates of attendance from the PD in your PJs trainings. Once all items are received, you'll get 2 OPI renewal units for your work. This is a great opportunity to receive top notch Seesaw training, plus OPI renewal units for your hard work! Email with any questions and check out the upcoming PD in your PJs schedules at

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