Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Planets eBook

The kindergartners worked hard studying the solar system and choosing which planet they wanted to illustrate and write about.  After researching a planet, each of the kindergartners made 2-3 book pages using Book Creator on their iPads, and we then combined all of them into one class book.

We were able to do this by exporting each of the individual pages to Showbie.  Then I was able to access all of the students' pages from Showbie and open in the Book Creator app on my iPad.  I then clicked the + sign and "Import Book" to import each of the students' book pages into one class eBook.

We used photographs of Bearret's PlayDough planets for some of our illustrations. I think it turned out really cool!  Here are some sample pages...

To get a copy of this book that you can read at home in iBooks, click this link.  Then, choose the share icon and select "open in iBooks".  You should be able to use this on any device where you have iBooks (i.e. your computer, your iPad, your iPhone, etc.)

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