Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wonder Journals

At Open House, your child showed you his or her Wonder Journal.  This is the beginning of creating a classroom where students ask questions and "wonder" about the things around them.  Eventually, they will learn to research and find answers to the wonders that they have.  We are using the site Wonderopolis to help us engage in this inquiry.  As we become more independent, students will use the Wonderopolis app on their iPads to do their own research.
As you saw in the students' journals, they are in the very beginning stages of writing.  Some are still using only pictures, while others are writing random letters and some are stretching out words and writing the sounds they hear.  All of this is completely natural in a kindergarten classroom.  I love seeing how they will learn and grow throughout the year, and am excited for you to see it, too!

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