Friday, November 15, 2013

We are Kinder-Bloggers!
Today we tried our hand at blogging on our new blog site, Kidblog!  This is a really great tool, built for classroom use.  Each student has their own private "blog page" that parents will have access to.  We are going to use that as a "digital portfolio" of our writing.  When you log in (and I will get you the access codes as soon as possible), you will see that the kids are in the very beginning stages of writing.  The extra challenge is getting used to using a computer keyboard; finding letters, punctuation, etc.  But it was a great "start" and I am excited to see what they will accomplish and share.

Eventually, I would love for parents and other classmates to comment on students' blog posts (i.e. writing) and for the students to be able to respond.  What a wonderful tool - I am excited!

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