Friday, August 24, 2012

First Week of School

You have wonderful children!  Mrs. Mehling and I have enjoyed getting to know them all this week.  We have spent a lot of time learning procedures and school rules and becoming familiar with the other kids in our class.  Today we made a very cute owl project to show "whooooo" is in our room.

Important paperwork was sent home in the kindergartners' red folders on Wednesday.  Please complete and return the papers as soon as possible.  There is a form granting me permission to post your kindergartner's picture on the class blog.  As soon as all of these forms are returned I will begin posting videos and photos of our days in school.

Thanks to those of you who brought snacks last week.  We have some crackers and some fruit snacks.  If anyone would like to provide a special "treat" for the kids it would be appreciated ... we have a small fridge so I would encourage fruit, veggies, cheese sticks or yogurt (GoGurts work well).  They love all of these options!  When we run out of snacks, I will begin a monthly snack calendar assigning each parent 1 day each month to provide snack for the class.

Your kids will be pretty tired ... they have had a busy week.  Get lots of rest this weekend and we will see you Monday!

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