Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What We Plan to Do Over Our Break ...

Payton will play.
Keyara will settle down.
Brendon will open presents.
Lily will go to grandpa's.
Ty will relax.
Bridgit will relax and watch TV.
Cambree will go to Jordan.
Niah will see ice skaters.
Christian will go to dad's.
Brock will see his brother.
Christopher will lay there and watch TV.
Seth will go ice skating.
Harmoni will go fishing.
Cora will go to the pool.
Owen will go sledding.
Amara will go sledding.
Toby will play with his gifts.
Dalelynn will go to grandpa's.
Mataya will stay at grandma and grandpa's.
Ryan will go to the beach.

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