Monday, October 3, 2011

Walk and Ride to School Safely Activity

Idea from Journeys for Home:

Sit with your child and watch this 30 second video:
Ask your child, “What did you see taking place?” Just listen, and let your child share what she knows. Do not offer any information or comments.

Be patient.

Watch the second video (45 seconds) Encourage your child to read the words with you.

Ask, “What did taking you see place?” Discuss where to stop and what to look for and why.

Ask, “What do you do before you enter the street?” (Stop at the edge, look left, look right, look left again. If no cars are present, walk and keep looking.)

Go to the street!

You stand back about five steps; ask your child to show you what he knows about crossing the street. Be patient. Be positive, point out the correct actions. If something is missing, ask,“What else could you do?” If need be, model the correct behavior and practice the procedure with your child. Practice often, let your child take the lead and you be the shadow.

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