Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everything We Need to Know About First Grade ... But Were Afraid to Ask

Today we had the opportunity to visit Mr. Anderson's first grade room and visit with his students to find out more about what we should expect in the first grade. The first graders wrote a book with some "tips" about what we need to know for next year. Some of those are attached in this video.

The kindergartners also wrote stories about what they wonder about first grade. Some of their questions are:
I wonder if we will ....
- do math and science?
- play?
- have recess?
- play kickball?
- write more and read books?
- do math or read?
- play with Playdough?
- build Legos?
- spell?
- do homework or draw pictures or cut animals out of paper?
- go on a field trip?
- do a play or draw pictures or play with our friends?
- have fun?
- play frisbee, learn if there are snakes in Montana, learn about the states or go on a field trip?
- learn about fish?
- sing songs?
... in first grade?

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