Poem of the Week

In kindergarten, we had a "Poetry Binder" that the students took home each Friday.  It is a great opportunity for kids to practice reading text that they are familiar with.  I used to have large charts of each of these poems that we would read together in class - however, using an interactive whiteboard made this task much easier.  You can access each poem by clicking the image and downloading it to your computer, then inserting the document into an interactive file (such as Mimio Notebook).  When projected on an interactive board, students can use the pen tool to highlight words, letters, blends, etc. You could also add elements to make each poem personalized (for example, adding names and pictures to the Wise Owl poem shown below).  I also loved using these poems digitally, because once we worked on the poems together, I could take a screenshot of the finished poem to include on our blog or Twitter for parents to see and use from home.

I will work on transferring these poems into Mimio Notebook files for your use.  As I do this, I will add links to the Notebook files below each image.

1.  Find the focus letter of the week
2.  Find word wall words
3.  Find other known letters and words
4.  Find rhyming words
5.  Read 5 favorite poems plus the poem of the week
6.  Read each of the letter poems that have been added each week
7.  Find as many words as you can that start with a specific letter
8.  Have your child point at the words (with "crispy pointing") as you read to them
9.  Clap syllables of specific words that your child chooses
10.  Pick a word and talk about or write word family words for that word.  Example:  can - man, tan, Dan, fan. 

Many of these poems are adapted from Hubbard's Cupboard printable booklets.  Many were also found on the Kindertips website.  Others with separate authors have been noted.

August & September Poems

Wise Owl

Click here to download Wise Owl Mimio Notebook file.

The Wheels on the Bus

Click here to download The Wheels on the Bus Mimio Notebook file.

iPad Song

Click here to download iPad Song Mimio Notebook file.

Alphabet Song

Click here to download The Alphabet Song Mimio Notebook file.

I Am Me

I Can Move

Good Morning to the Bear
Apple Happy

October Poems

Animals at Night

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Trick or Treat

November Poems

Go To Sleep by Deanna Jump

The Basket
Five Fat Turkeys

December Poems

Gingerbread Men
After reading the poem several times, have students use cookies or other objects to act out the gingerbread man poem.  They could even create equations to correspond with the poem (for example 10-1=9, 9-1=8, etc)
Alphabet Christmas
I Like to See Christmas

January Poems

In Winter
The Mitten
A Snowman is Here!
The Mitten
We Love Hot Chocolate!

February Poems

G Was Once a Groundhog
Valentine's Day Alphabet
10 Red Valentines
The Cat in the Hat

March Poems

Look at the Shamrocks
Jelly Beans
Meatballs in the Sky

April Poems

Climb Aboard the Spaceship
The Man in the Moon

Your Garden
At the Farm

May & June Poems

Where Are We?

The Fuzzy Caterpillar

Roly Poly Caterpillar
First Grade, First Grade