Billings Public Schools has adopted the Common Core Math Curriculum.  For an overview of the Core standards for Montana, click here.  Easier to follow, kid-friendly versions of the standards can be found here: Kid-friendly Common Core Standards.

Things to practice at home throughout the year:
Counting and writing numbers 1-100.  Practice here.
Identifying solid shapes.
Practicing what is more than, less than, etc.
Adding small numbers together.
Subtracting numbers.

This site offers great practice in each of the Common Core areas.  To login, use class code:

Some ways parents can help with math:

Below are some great sites for fun math games and skills practice:
Illuminations Math Games
K-1 Math Games 
ICT Math Games
Kindergarten Math Games
Interactive Learning Sites - Math
Xtra Math

The kindergartners enjoy these fun math songs:
Chicka, Chicka 123
Count to 100
Colors! Colors!
Days of the Week
12 Months of the Year
3-D Shapes I Know
2-D Shapes I Know
Numbers in the Teens
Add 'Em Up
When You Subtract with a Pirate
Count to 100 by 1s
Count by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s
The Shapes Song