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The SAMR model is an excellent resource for getting started using iPads in your classroom.  Remember, it is okay to start small with your plain old cup of coffee.  Substitution is the first step towards tech integration, with the goal being the big yummy pumpkin spice latte of Redefinition.  Click the image below to read Kathy Schrock's blog post about SAMR.

Apps I Love for Creating Stuff

One of my favorite things about having iPads in my classroom was the opportunity to allow kids to create something new and share it with others.  My goal throughout the year was to introduce them to a variety of apps that they could use for creating, guiding them through each app so that they became comfortable using them all.  Eventually, I could give the students a task such as "Choose an animal from ZooMontana that you are most interested in seeing during our field trip.  Illustrate that animal and save your illustration to your camera roll."  Then I would provide them with several choices of apps that they could use to create this illustration.  They would be apps we had practiced together that they were now able to use independently.  This choice gives them ownership over their product, and added creativity.  Some of my kindergartners loved using Felt Board, while others preferred Draw & Tell.  It didn't matter, as long as they were engaged and on task, creating something amazing.

I love these task cards and app menus from ZigZagging Through Education & Technology.  She does a great job of guiding her students through tasks, supporting them while giving them choice.

Some of my favorite "creation apps" are listed below.  This is not a comprehensive list, just ones that I like to use.  If you do a Google search or look on Pinterest, Twitter, etc, you will find many different lists and infographics of people's faves.  Check sites such as Graphite and Participate Learning to find searchable, teacher-curated lists of digital resources or lesson ideas.  Your job is to research, explore, play, try new things, and decide which apps work best for you and your students.

Apps I Love for Sharing Student Learning

Seesaw is such a great "all in one" app, and a great starting place if you're new to "teching it up".  Students can create right in the app (drawings, videos, annotated photos, etc), then post to their Seesaw journals for you, classmates and parents to see.  (There is even a new blog feature to share with others!)  If you don't know where to start, I would definitely recommend Seesaw!

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