Fave Math Apps

Apps I Love for Teaching Math

The apps listed here include some creation tools such as Educreations, Draw & Tell, Doodle Buddy, and Explain Everything.  You can use these apps to have students create or solve open-ended story problems.  If you use an app with recording functionality, they can record themselves explaining their thinking as they solve a problem for you.  So cool!  Apps like Popplet, Feltboard, or PicCollage can be used to label 2D and 3D shapes (math in the real world), or to demonstrate number concepts (for example, they need to make a collage of ways to make 10).  Book Creator can be used to make a digital math journal, archiving and showcasing their work.

There are also some apps on my list that allow students to practice specific concepts.  The importance here is using the apps with intention and purpose.  Remember - plan your curriculum and then pick the tool that will enhance your curriculum and make it more accessible for your students.  If you're looking for an app or tool to help teach or reinforce a specific concept, I would suggest searching Graphite or Participate Learning - both awesome, teacher-contributed sites full of lesson ideas and recommendations.

I also love the iPad apps by The Math Learning Center.  There are so many awesome virtual manipulatives here, including Number Lines, Number Frames, Geoboards, Pattern Blocks and Number Pieces (base 10 blocks).  And they are all FREE!  These apps provided my students with hands-on practice of math concepts, and I loved how they could screenshot their work and post to their Book Creator math journal, Kidblog or Seesaw to share their learning.

I'm always adding to this Collection:

Apps that Combine Literacy & Math

My favorite apps that combine a variety of math and literacy learning skills are the Teach Me apps. You will enter each individual student as a player, so you can track their progress and they can accumulate coins to "buy" things in the Teach Me store.  They love this!  You can also differentiate by utilizing the different grade level apps - in my kindergarten class, I had Teach Me: Toddler, Teach Me: Kindergarten and Teach Me: 1st Grade and I assigned students to a particular app depending on their skill level.  Click the image below to visit the developer iTunes page and view the different apps.

I also LOVE these drawing and storytelling apps from Duck Duck Moose - this bundle is an awesome deal.  While these are great for encouraging writing and storytelling, they are also perfect for allowing students to create and solve story problems using the movable stickers and recording tool in each of these apps.

Prodigy game has an app!

For those of you using the fun math game Prodigy, good news!  They have a brand new app.  To download the app, click the image below.  For help and support, visit the Prodigy website.


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